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Every day feels like a struggle. You want your child back. You want to see that happy, fun-loving kid you once knew again. No matter what you try, things just seem to get worse. She isolates, yells, and refuses to go to school. When you try to talk to her, it always leads to a screaming argument. You worry because you know she is in pain.

You've known something is wrong. You took the first step to talk to your pediatrician and your doctor sent you to us. We're here to help.

Our Services

Office-Based Therapy for Teens

We provide individual, family, and parent-child therapy in our office. Sessions are held weekly for either 45- or 90-minutes.

Office-Based Therapy for Parents

We provide individual or couples therapy focused on parenting skills and effectiveness. Sessions are held weekly for 45- or 90-minutes.  

Home-Based Therapy

For families in which the teen has had difficulty generalizing the skills learned in therapy to other environments (ex: home, school), we provide home-based individual, family, and parent-child therapy. Sessions are held weekly for 60-, 90-, or 120-minutes. Our directors, Meredith Silversmith, MA, LMFT and Marina Voron, MA, LMFT, are available for this service.

Unsure if your teen needs therapy?

Review our assessment tool below - if any of this sounds familiar, our services would be a good fit for your teen and your family. 

Parents Report:

Teens Report:

Your Observations:

Teen is very emotional, ranging from teary to irritable/lashing out

“I feel sad all the time”
“I feel overwhelmed”
“I hate my life”

Disheveled appearance, not keeping up with activities of daily living

Teen is lethargic, sleeps late into the day and still reports being tired

“I feel tired all the time”
“I can’t get anything done”
“I can’t wake up early”

Neglecting hygiene

They suspect teen may have stolen from them (missing money, teen has money from unknown source)

“I just smoke weed”
“I just drink on the weekends”
“I only tried _____ once”

They have noticed scratches on teen’s arms, legs, feet

“My cat scratched me”
“I don’t know how I got that”

Superficial cuts or burns on wrists, forearms, upper arms, stomach, inner ankles, feet

Teen will “never” do what they ask him/her to do

“They can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do”

Refusal to participate in exam

Teen yells, curses at, threatens, or speaks disrespectfully to parents

“I hate everyone”
“No one gets what I’m going through”

Teen presents as angry or out of control

Teen doesn’t respect boundaries and rules

“I hate being at home”
“I just want to be left alone”

Teen is skipping school

“I hate school and I don’t really have to go”

Cancelled appointment due to teen refusing to attend

Teen can’t seem to focus on his/her homework, easily distracted

“I can’t pay attention”
“It’s too hard”
“I just can’t keep up with what’s going on in class”

You need to repeat questions several times

Teen has lost/gained a notable amount of weight in a short period of time or is being very strict with diet

Being very concerned with weight/body imagine
“I’m so fat”
“I’m so ugly”

Significant weight gain/loss in a short period of time

Teen has been isolating, not wanting to hang out with friends or engage in activities

“I just want to be alone”

Teen appears withdrawn

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Get To Know Our Therapists

Lisa Mineo, MA, LMFT, CASAC-T
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Clinical Supervisor

Lisa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor Trainee. She has worked at a non-profit organization for over 5 years working with at-risk youth and their families. Lisa is passionate about working with teens and has been able to connect with some of the most challenging clients. She works with adolescents experiencing substance abuse and anger management issues, as well as their families.

Michelle Spaterella, MA, MFT
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Michelle is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and NYS Certified Guidance Counselor. She has extensive experience working with student athletes and adolescents with ADHD and/or anxiety. Michelle is able to create a safe and comfortable environment where teens can explore their feelings and learn new skills. She is passionate about improving the teen-parent relationship and uses effective communication techniques to enrich the whole family system.

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