Marriage Therapy

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For better or worse?

As you stand in front of family and friends declaring your lifelong commitment to one another, you are looking toward a future of happiness and contentment.  This isn't always the case.  Time passes, communication breaks down, arguments occur more frequently, and all of a sudden your partner has become your enemy.  

How did this happen? 

Over time, unresolved disagreements snowball into the chronic conflict you experience.  You start to feel that any topic you bring up will lead to an argument or your partner becoming defensive.  Your marriage becomes unhappy - a source of stress and discomfort - rather than your safe haven.  Your home stops feeling like "home."  

What can we do?

You can reset the cycle.  Just as you and your partner began your marriage as a team, you can reconnect, rebuild, and re-establish that closeness through couples therapy.  Don't let marital issues keep you from the happiness you deserve - you can change things today.