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As a female-owned and run business, we know the challenges women face today are unique and deserve an individualized approach. Our work is grounded in a deep understanding of and sensitivity to your needs. We strive to create a safe, comfortable space to help women, and their partners, address various issues and support them through major life transitions.

Our specially trained and experienced therapists take an empathic, research-based approach to help you work through anxiety, depression, sexual and intimacy issues, and issues around the transition to parenthood. We understand that reaching out for help, especially around sensitive issues like sexuality or parenthood, is not easy. We structure our practice to be as accommodating as possible, with sessions available 7 days a week, in office and via phone or video chat. We are proud to offer a female-centric approach that provides the understanding, empathy, and practical tools you need to thrive. 

Our Services

Office-Based Therapy for Individuals

We provide individual therapy in our office or remotely via Skype/FaceTime. Sessions are held weekly for either 45- or 90-minutes.

Office-Based Therapy for Couples

We provide couples therapy in our office or remotely via Skype/FaceTime. Sessions are held weekly for either 45- or 90-minutes.  

We help with:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Transition to parenthood

  • Genital and sexual pain

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Sexual desire discrepancy in couples

  • Sexual trauma

  • LBGTQ+ and gender identity issues

Unsure if therapy is right for you?

Take a few minutes to review the list below and consider if anything feels familiar. 

  • Relationship conflict during pregnancy or postpartum

  • Excessive fear/anxiety around transition to parenthood during pregnancy or postpartum

  • Feeling very emotional, ranging from teary to irritable/lashing out or depressed

  • Isolating, not wanting to spend time with friends or family or engage in activities

  • Experiencing pain during partner intercourse

  • Experiencing pain when touching own genitals

  • Lack of or significant decrease in libido

  • Issue with lubrication

  • Fear of partner

  • Discomfort around sex due to past sexual experiences

  • History of sexual abuse, trauma, or violence

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Get To Know Our Therapists


Marina Voron, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Clinical Director

Marina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sex Therapist working towards AASECT clinical certification. She has extensive experience working with individual women and couples to help overcome sexual issues and manage anxiety and depression related to intimacy issues. Marina creates a safe and supportive environment where clients are able to work through challenges and resolve long-standing impasses to sexual health and wellness. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve lasting change and improve their quality of life.


Meredith Silversmith, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Clinical Director

Meredith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator. She believes a strong, happy partnership is key to raising healthy, resilient, and secure kids. Meredith's mission is to educate expectant and new parents on how to establish a solid foundation on which to build their family. She works to provide knowledge, create emotional safety for parents to explore their own childhood experiences, promote understanding of how we are influenced by the way we were raised, and help couples and individuals establish an intentional style of parenting.

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